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Brookline, MA

Physical Therapy in Brookline and Newton, MA

The Brookline office is our center of excellence for high level competitive runners or members of The Boston Running Center

Physical Therapy initial evaluations for runners with injuries can be performed in the Brookline office, but we are not set up for routine follow-up treatment sessions there.  Follow-up treatments are arranged in any of our other offices.  We also evaluate runners in all of our other clinics. If your injury is not related to running, please ask for an appointment in any of our other offices.

Our Allston flagship clinic is only a short drive

from Coolidge Corner

You can contact Boston Sports Medicine in the Brookline/Newton area at the below address:

Boston Sports Medicine Physical Therapy
1682 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02445
Tel: 617.787.8700
Fax: 617.787.8106

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